WEEK 11: News story recap

Readers of Our State magazine and web site

  1. Representative Doug Yongue
  2. Senator William Purcell
  3. Western Wake Farmers Market’s Jennifer Gibbs
  4. Leaflight’s Robert Andrew Smith
  5. Columbus County Farmers Market: Irvin W. Brown, President of the Columbus County Farmers Market, (910) 840-6743
  6. NC State Farmers Market Director
  7. Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Social Services
  8. Maria Spaulding, NC DHHS
  9. Jeffrey Engel, NC State Health Director
  10. Jennifer MacDougall, BCBSNC Foundation
  11. Emily Jackson, Appalachian Sustainable Food Project
  12. Laurey Masterton, Laurey’s Catering. Spoke to 1:30 p.m. Friday afternoon. Will call back after clients leave
  13. Penny Gordon-Larsen, UNC. Left vm and emailed Friday
  14. Dr. Sarah Armstrong, Duke
  15. Dr. David Collier, ECU’s Brody School of Medicine
  16. Melody Barnes’s office, Let’s Move
  17. Rep. David Price
  18. Senator Kay Hagan
  19. Senator Richard Burr


  1. What farmers markets do accept EBT (SNAP) cards?
  2. When did Western Wake Farmers Market start accepting debit cards?
  3. What was the impetus? Why?
  4. Who started this program?
  5. Why?
  6. What is the Western Wake Farmers Market debit / EBT program?
  7. How does it work?
  8. What is the benefit for farmers? Consumers? What do you hope will be the result of this program?
  9. Did you know about NC’s childhood obesity epidemic? How do you think your program impacts childhood obesity?
  10. Do you have a personal story or family member with a story who has been affected by childhood obesity? How has childhood obesity touched your life?


  1. Name spellings
  2. Farm names
  3. Multiple obesity and childhood obesity statistics
  4. Proper spelling of programs
  5. Task Force on Childhood Obesity final report to refer to legislative recommendations and reasoning for the recommendations

I would like to go back and add to this story:

  1. Google map plotting where farmers markets and Farm to School programs exist in NC
  2. Interactive NC map showing the rates of childhood obesity for each county
  3. Pictures
  4. FAQs on the farmers markets’ EBT program and Farm to School. Specifically, explain step-by-step how the EBT program works including credit card or EBT exchange for wooden tokens, how vendors receive payment

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