WEEK 10: Wikipedia entry

Urban chickens

I updated the Urban Chickens entry within Wikipedia. This assignment sounded simple enough at first. However, updating the wiki entry brought up a lot of lessons learned in class so far.

Identify yourself. We learned this last week with our blog assignments. Readers expect a degree of bias with blogs. But identifying yourself, your beliefs and your affiliations increases your credibility. Wiki police threatened to delete my entry if I didn’t sign my edits, which I didn’t know how to do at first. The links in the wiki warning I got were super helpful. FYI, you sign your name by using ~~~~.

Be fair and present the facts. I got dinged by the wiki police for appearing to present a particular POV. So I edited my tone and language and deleted soft words like “relatively” and “often”. I also deleted an external link to the Urban Chickens Network, because the link made it appear I was promoting this external site. I also added “Urban chickens or backyard chickens” to diversify the language used, so as not to promote the urban chickens site.

The entry was lean with not more than 5 sections and 10 lines of text to start. So another edit I made to this entry was the addition of the Concerns section. I’d like to go back and add a Benefits section to balance Concerns. I wonder if that will escape the wiki police.

Update: So I logged into wiki @ 1611 hrs Sunday afternoon to find my new section had been deleted. Crowdsourcing, bah! I’ve discovered the history section and can recover my content. Off to revise…


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