I Googled the hardest 10 events in the world

I also googled foundations to find one to help me support the families of those soldiers.
In 2008, we sent 266 kids to college who didn’t have to pay a dime.

One of the hardest races I’ve run is The Badwater Ultramarathon. It’s 135 miles in 13o degree heat. You run 121 miles then climb the rest of the way up to Mt. Whitney, 9,000 feet up.

Badwater selects the top 90 athletes in the world. So I called the race director.
The race director laughed. I needed to run a 100-mile race in 24 hours to qualify for Badwater. There was a qualifying race coming up on Saturday. I called on a Tuesday. I called my wife at work to let her know I was going to run 100 miles around a one-mile track.

We prepped by going to Wal-Mart and buying Myoplex and Ritz Crackers. That was my nutrition. Try eating Ritz Crackers after running 30 miles.

At mile 30, 35, 36,  started to feel the bones in my feet breaking.
At mile 50, 51, I started running and walking.
At mile 70, I sat in the blue lawn chair we’d brought. My wife said, “You don’t look good. You should go to the bathroom.” She’s a nurse. She should know. I couldn’t get up.
I said, “Honey, how much do you love me?” and I took a crap in that lawn chair.
Then, I started peeing blood down my leg. I was having kidney failure. I had 30 miles to go.

I sat in that nasty blue lawn chair and got an IV to get fluids, and after three hours, I started the race again. I was averaging 37-38 minute miles.
At mile 81, my wife said, “It’s over.” But I didn’t stop.
I finished that race and sat back down in the blue lawn chair.

My wife, who was a power lifter too, basically dragged me up two flights of stairs to our apartment and put me in the bathtub. I was in the worst pain physically but the best feeling mentally. All I could think about was calling the race director.

But Badwater officials had heard about my drama at the qualifying race and said “no”.
So I had one more month to qualify.

I went to see a Navy Seal physical therapist who put casts on my feet. And I did the HURT marathon in Hawaii. I was the 27th person ever to complete it. It was 33,000 feet of climbing–the equivalent of climbing Mt. Everest.

I came back and called the Badwater race director.

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