David Goggins: Navy Seal, Ultramarathoner

“Thank you Timothy. That was the best intro I’ve ever had. I can tell you put a lot of preparation into that.”

Goggins is at the podium. He is tall and lean. Taller and more muscular than you’d think for a marathoner.

By Peter Flax Image by Evan Hurd From the December 2008 issue of Runner's World

“My first 100-mile race took me 40 hours. I had to walk the last 60 miles. I had pneumonia. A reporter asked me in the hospital if I’d do this race again. I said, ‘yeah, and I’ll break the record next time.’ ”

  • Goggins’s resting heart rate is 32 BPM
  • 32 years old
  • Daily workout starts @ 3:45 a.m.

I run to raise money for fallen soldiers, so their kids can go to college.
I also like to see what I’m made of. If there’s a limit to the human soul.

In April 2008, I ran a 100-mile race. It was 10 miles x 15 loops.
Imagery is so important. I’d rather leave it all out there. In this sport of ultra and suffering, everybody wins. Just crossing the finish line, you win.

My motto = no weakness.

I’m going to look the same at mile 90 as I did at the start line. I may be dying inside but I’m going to fool everyone.

Every race I run, I hit the wall. I have to make a decision: Do I open the door and go through or do I quit? That 100-mile race, I ran a 13:27 average mile pace.

I’ve had broken bones, blisters, kidney failure and stress fractures.
Next, I want to do ultra biking and extreme mountain climbing.

Video ends


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