I started training for the race in Death Valley. Basically, that means running on a treadmill in a sauna. My first Badwater Ultra, I got 5th place. The next year, I came in 3rd place.

Since November 2005, I’ve raised $1.5 million for the Special Operations Warriors Foundation.

I’ve run twenty 100-mile races in one year.

In 2008, remember Ussein Bolt? Bolt destroyed Olympic records. Runner’s World picked their top 4 heroes of running and put me on the cover.

Copywright © 2008 Heroes of Running, Runner's World. Image by Evan Hurd

That same year, I beat out Lance Armstrong to be Outside magazine’s “World’s Toughest Man”.

Copywright © Outside Magazine

My motto: Make Big Things Seem Small
If something seems overwhelming to me, I think about what I can do next.

During my second Badwater, I thought about quitting. There’s a point in every race where I think about quitting. The blisters around my toe were so big..imagine a water balloon and what your toes would feel like inside of one. That was what my big toe felt like.

It was 130 degrees. When you see pictures of Badwater, you’ll see runners running on the white line of the pavement, because if you don’t, your shoes will melt. That pavement is 20-30 degrees cooler than the blacktop.

The One Second Decision
But if you’re able to think rationally in that moment, if you can look past your center focus and think about what’s past it, you can calm yourself.

Do Something You Hate Every Day
I hate running. I hate all physical activities.

There is No Finish Line
“How do you feel?” people will ask me at the finish line. First of all, that’s the worst time to ask an ultramarathoner questions. But I’m not thinking about the race I just finished. I’m thinking about what I have to do tomorrow.


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2 Responses to Badwater

  1. karmic711 says:

    srsly? he hates running? so why do it?

  2. ld.valhalla says:

    People that ask why will never understand

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