My first orders were to ship overseas to Afghanistan to be the Prime Minister’s body guard. I graduated at 200 lbs. Somewhat intimidating, but not enough. In security, your first line of defense is intimidation. So I gained all of the weight back–remember, I didn’t like to run.

When I got back to the States, I entered Army Ranger school at 261 lbs. It’s a 69-day school. I came out at 205 lbs. I was the top of my class, the only Navy guy in Ranger school, and I got orders to go back overseas.

For 6 months, my work was going into houses and nabbing top terrorists. Then I went to military free fall school. During my first jump, my jump master said, “You ready to go?” All I heard was “go”. I passed out. My officer had to come out and get me. Now, I have more than 750 jumps under my belt.

I was jumping one day with a soldier named Morgan Luttrell. Before we jumped, he said “I feel funny.” I thought he was scared, even though it was our 30th jump. When we got to the ground, his mom had called to say his twin brother Marcus, also a Navy Seal, had gone missing in Afghanistan.

All of the Seals except for Marcus died on that mission. He was the lone survivor.
I wanted to do something for the families of those Navy Seals.


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