WEEK 6 Assignment


The audience for the content I plan to create is the membership of the North Carolina Chamber of Commerce.

The content I will create will be about Futures for Kids, or F4K, a web-based workforce development platform that connects middle and high school students to NC employers.

I chose this audience because NC Chamber members decide where their companies donate money and how their employees volunteer their time. Also, these companies collectively have the power to show every student in NC the relevance of their education, while solving North Carolina’s workforce challenges.

The purpose of this content will be to promote business engagement with middle and high school students and to further the idea that K12 involvement will impact businesses’ bottom lines.

The NC Chamber describes itself as “a non-partisan business advocacy organization that works in the legislative, regulatory and political arenas to proactively drive positive change to ensure that North Carolina is a leading place in the world to do business.”

The NC Chamber also provides information and support to local chambers of commerce across North Carolina. After developing content for the state chamber, I would like to provide this content to smaller chambers statewide.

NC Chamber member profile

  • Corporate members are national or statewide firms with 100+ employees
  • Individual members who represent these firms are executives at the Vice President level and above and include Directors of Government Affairs and Presidents of member companies
  • Individual members are primarily male, Caucasian, aged 45+, college-educated, though the President of the chamber’s Board of Directors this year is Cynthia Marshall, an African-American woman who leads AT&T NC.

This audience reads business journals including:

Audience beliefs
Chamber President Marshall said she’d like to increase diversity within the chamber membership and emphasize education and dropout prevention.

However, what matters to the chamber of commerce is what’s going to be good for their member companies’ bottom line. This past year, the chamber advocated for STEM education (science, technology, engineering and math), which is key for having a pool of workers.

The Chamber also advocated against public health insurance options, as BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina is a Pinnacle member, the highest membership level, of the NC Chamber.As I create this content, this will be important to remember that Chamber leaders aren’t going to be into the warm and fuzzy. At least, that won’t be their primary motivation for getting involved with F4K. I will have to focus on the “What’s in it for my business?” question.

The style guides I will use are the Associated Press Stylebook and the Web Style Guide version 3. I’ve chosen these guides because my audience is comprised of business leaders. Chamber members are used to reading content from business journals, and I wish to provide information in a straightforward, formal prose they’re used to.

*     *     *     *     *

I am excited about this content and want to create several pieces including:

  • A feature article to be posted on the home page of the NC Chamber web site and within the Education section of the Business Advocacy content
  • An invitation to a webinar showing F4K tools to the business community
  • An invitation to employees of a NC Chamber member company to an internal Lunch and Learn presentation to learn more about F4K
  • An F4K blurb for chamber members’ Intranets
  • A press release about F4K’s launch of Work-Based Learning tools, which enable businesses to provide Job Shadowing, Company Visits and other face-to-face experiences to local students

I would like to start with the press release or feature article to generate interest about F4K and Work-Based Learning. Then I would follow up with the call-to-action pieces—the invitations and Intranet blurb.


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